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    Select two or more recipes and execute them subsequently on the same text.

    1. Whenever there is punctuation, skip the word that follows.
    2. Skip each word that has been used before.
    3. Read each word that starts with an A twice.
    4. Each word that starts with an H or K and that is shorter than 4 characters, is read twice.
    5. Skip three lines, read. Go two lines back, read.
    6. Skip three words, read. Go two words back, read.
    7. Person A reads all verbs; person B reads all nouns; person C reads everything else.
    8. Replace each noun by another noun.
    9. Replace each noun by a verb, and each verb by a noun; read
    10. Replace all verbs by other verbs, read
    11. Person A reads all words of 1-4 characters. Person B reads all words of 4-7 characters. Person C reads everything else.
    12. Read the text vertically: start by the first words on each line, than the second etc.
    13. Skip each verb, read
    14. Skip each noun, read.
    15. Cut twice through the page from edge to edge. Each of the divisions is read by another person.
    16. A comma results in an increase of volume. A quotation mark decreases the volume. A full stop resets to normal.
    17. Replace each vowel by another one and read.
    18. Attach pages together on left margin. Cut several times through the page (horizontally between lines, right up to the margin). Fold away parts from each page and read.
    19. If the sentence starts with a vowel, slow down your pace. If it starts with a consonant, speed up.