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    19 Octobre 2017: Software Atlas

    (In pairs), select a software from the Software library, either using the programe "Logiciels" (which is conveniently organized in themes) or the "Gestionnaire de paquets" (also known as synaptic). NB: You shouldn't have both programs open at the same time as this may "lock" the other when you try to install something.

    Create a page in the main space of the wiki, and use the "Category: Logiciels". Try to answer the following questions about the software:

    • When was it made? And by whom? What kind of users use it?
    • What are all the file formats the program can IMPORT?
    • What are all the file formats the program can EXPORT / SAVE AS...?

    When writing about file formats, make links to the file extensions and create additional pages about these formats. In this was links between software can be made.

    • Create a "hello world" file using the program and try to export in a format suitable for the wiki (an image, a (short) video, a sound).
    • Save any links you find or use

    See Xaos for a sample.