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    Imaginez que tes logiciels seraient des outils à penser, des instruments à développer l’imagination, qui pourraient produire des nouvelles idées ?

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    Règles du jeu

    • Toolbending offre un voyage pour les esprits curieux qui ne nécessite pas de compétences techniques particulières autres que du courage et un peu d’humour.
    • You will need a minimum knowledge of English (both reading and speaking).
    • Mode d’évaluation : évaluation continue
      • Participation à un minimum de 10 sessions (cotation sur 1/3 du total) plus contributions actifs aux sessions, off-line et on-line (1/3), est attendue.
      • Les participants seront invités à proposer et développer deux expériences/essais de toolbending auto-définies. Les projets seront développés individuellement ou (de préférence) collectivement (1/3).


    14/01/14 Kitchendrawer

    Go into the kitchen and open the first drawer you come to and the odds are you’ll find the wooden spoon that is used to stir soups and sauces. If this spoon is of a certain age you will see it no longer has its original shape. It has changed, as if a piece had been cut obliquely off the end. Part of it is missing. We have (though not all at once, of course) eaten the missing part mixed up in our soup. [1]

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    21/01/14: No Class

    28/01/14: Ligne de commande, Commande de ligne I

    Young Americans who leave their great big homogeneous country and visit some other part of the world typically go through several stages of culture shock: first, dumb wide-eyed astonishment. Then a tentative engagement with the new country’s manners, cuisine, public transit systems and toilets, leading to a brief period of fatuous confidence that they are instant experts on the new country. [2]

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    04/02/14: Tools for Type

    Workshop with Manufactura Independente (Porto, PT)

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    11/02/14: Ligne de commande, Commande de ligne II

    Speech announces the action that will follow along with this antagonism, hence its power, but also importantly speech sometimes fails or is bounced back through various attempts to resist its determining effects. [3]

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    18/02/14: There are secret messages everywhere

    Workshop with Brendan Howell (Berlin, DE)

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    25/02/14: Python

    Dans le discours traditionnel des acteurs du logiciel libre, la libération de la partie informationnelle que constitue le code permet d’en prendre le contrôle : son ouverture permet son appropriation par les utilisateurs qui peuvent alors redéfinir selon leurs propres critères les modalités et finalités de leurs outils. [4]

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    04/03/14: Vacances de carnaval

    11/03/14: Déclarations d'Amour + Python fonctions

    They (hackers, FS) create and use a broad variety of technological prosthetics to manifest a different view of the purpose of communication technology, and their continual and casual association with the cutting edge of that technology has molded them and their machines -- separately and jointly -- in novel and promising ways.[5]

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    18/03/14: Déclarations d'Amour + tutoriels

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    25/03/14: Présentations + ImageMagick

    Déclarations d'amour à uploader avant 23:59 CET 24/03/14

    Pixels can be square, hexagonal, rectangular, or irregularly shaped, but given that each pixel has boundaries they require a process by which the world is chopped up into chunks that conform to those boundaries and is still visually meaningful.[6]

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    01/04/14: No Class

    08/04/14: Vacances de printemps

    15/04/14: Vacances de printemps

    22/04/14: Mechanical drawing (cotations)

    9:00-12:00 @ Constant Variable, Rue Gallait 80, Schaerbeek

    Avec Stéphanie Vilayphiou + Christoph Haag

    Pages Tool-Box-Bending à initialiser avant 12:00 CET 22/04/14

    29/04/14: Tool-Box-Bending - introductions

    Design attempts to produce new conditions or the tools by which to understand and act on current conditions. [7]

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    06/05/14: Tool-Box-Bending - tutoriels

    13/05/14: Tool-Box-Bending - presentations


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